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What is Included in The Program and What is The Cost


Our Brain-Mine-Body Career and Life Coaching can empower you to realize your full potential by fostering self-awareness, enhancing decision-making skills, and providing strategic guidance in achieving personal and professional goals. Through this collaborative process, you can gain clarity on your aspirations, overcome barriers, and devise actionable plans. The benefits extend beyond career advancements, leading to improved confidence, work-life balance, and overall life satisfaction.

  • To best attend to your needs and to insure optimal results, we recommend starting with 4 one hour weekly coaching sessions.

  • Cost per one hour session is $250.00

  • All of your weekly sessions will be via Zoom.

  • To make your Coaching program more effective we ask that you keep weekly JOURNAL

Brain-Mind-Body is a highly effective strategy that is more powerful than traditional coaching.

For more info or to schedule your Free Discovery session contact us       +1(972)-248-0780


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