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In order to have a better understanding of Parkinson like symptoms, it is critically important to know about “Relative Nutritional Deficiency”.

A relative nutritional deficiency (RND) occurs whenever an optimal diet does not meet a person’s needs for good health. When the levels of serotonin or dopamine are so low that symptoms occur, a relative nutritional deficiency is always present.

Absolute nutritional deficiencies occur when there is inadequate nutrient intake. An example of this is Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency). The solution is to bring the level of vitamin C up to a normal level.

With Parkinson like symptoms (PLS), a person needs significantly more serotonin and dopamine building block from their food than normal. A person with PLS may need as much as 20 - 30 times more building blocks than normal. When a person takes in the appropriate amount of these building blocks, the body may then build enough dopamine, for example, to manage the PLS and restore function.

The good news is that the current medical research has given us the tools to give those in need the exact amount of l-dopa to nutritionally support people in managing their PLS symptoms. RND can now be managed. It does require major lifestyle change most especially around food and supplement intake.

The implication here is that there is a way for a person to have their life back. PLS do not have to mean misery and an early death.

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