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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) offers a profound and intensive therapeutic experience, designed to facilitate significant personal change. This innovative approach works by temporarily lowering a persons's psychological barriers, creating a unique opportunity for deep introspection and narrative exploration. In the supportive presence of a psychotherapist, you can delve into your personal stories and experiences, fostering a deeper level of processing and insight.


AT B-M-B Coaching we use a lower dose of ketamine, typically administered as a sublingual lozenge. This method has been shown to yield rapid improvements in a range of psychiatric symptoms, including those associated with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. Through this treatment, person can embark on a transformative journey towards healing, self-discovery, and mental well-being.


Ross Stewart PhD

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist

Seeing the difficulty and pain that confusion, lack of energy, resilience, mental clarity and ability to deal with the stress of everyday living brings, I have dedicated my life and have built my career around helping people uncover and transform the underlying issues that are holding them back from reaching their desired personal and professional goals.

My Name is Dr. Ross Stewart I have a PhD in psychology. For more than 3 decades I have been coaching people who just starting there carriers and want to set clear, measurable goals for personal and professional success.  

My academic pursuits led me to study Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and I had the privilege of collaborating with its pioneering research team. Drawing from NLP's principles, I designed the Performance Profile, a globally-utilized tool that allows for rapid diagnosis of personality problems and pinpoints personal issues that contribute to ineffective decision making, lack of communication, and trust. 

Moreover, I've extensively studied Erickson's hypnosis methodologies and techniques. 

My commitment to continued my professional development saw me delve into Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) focusing on the intricate interplay between the brain, mind, and body and its application in personal development.


Leveraging this holistic approach, allows my clients to experience powerful communication, eliminate stress and boost productivity and creativity in both the workplace and in personal life. 


Elizabeth Ann Long

Coach, Hypnotist, NLP, Reiki Master

Elizabeth Ann Long is a multifaceted professional with a rich background in the realms of mind, body, and spirit. Renowned as a skilled hypnotist, she specializes in both covert and past life regression techniques, guiding individuals through profound journeys of self-discovery.


Elizabeth holds certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Microexpressions, showcasing her mastery in understanding and influencing human behavior.


As a HeartMath Certified Resilience Coach, she emphasizes emotional well-being and resilience in her transformative work. In addition to her diverse skill set, Elizabeth is a Reiki Master, adding a spiritual dimension to her practice and further enhancing her ability to facilitate holistic healing.


With a genuine commitment to helping individuals reach their highest potential, Elizabeth Ann Long is a beacon of support, blending expertise in hypnosis, NLP, microexpressions, HeartMath, and Reiki to create a comprehensive approach to personal development and empowerment.

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